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With the Bartonville climate, a pool heater can increase the value of our pool investment.   A heater can extend your swimming season while keeping you in comfort.  Whether you use your pool for exercise, therapy, relaxation or fun, chances are you want your pool to provide the best in comfort anytime of day, year-round.

Bartonville Hayward Pool Heater Repair


Bartonville Pentair Pool Heater Repair


Bartonville Raypak Pool Heater Repair


Bartonville Jandy Laars Pool Heater Repair

Jandy Laars

Texan Blue Pool Service can help you get the most of your pool heater by finding what you need – a top-notch pool heater from a trusted brand installed and maintained by a trained Bartonville pool heater technician.  We can give you the pool heater expertise and advice to transform your pool from ordinary to luxury!

Pool Heater Repair Bartonville, TX

Texan Blue Pool Service offers full pool heater repair service to the Bartonville area. Our trained technicians can repair your pool heater to factory condition.  After the initial appointment is made, an Bartonville pool heater repair technician will carefully inspect your pool heater, make an assessment and provide a recommendation to best suit your needs. Once you have made your decision, the technician will get to work repairing or replacing parts as necessary and before you know it, your pool heater will be working better than ever.

If your pool heater is in need of repair or replacing, pick up the phone give us a call!

Pool Heater Installation  Bartonville, TX

We install pool heaters in Bartonville everyday. We recommend the following major brands:  Hayward, Pentair, Raypak and Jandy. Before you do your Bartonville pool heater installation, keep the following in mind.

Texan Blue Pool Service can provide a trained, licensed and insured technician to install your new pool heater. Once our technician arrives, he will do everything to set up your new Bartonville pool heater safely and properly. Don’t hesitate. Pick up the phone and call Texan Blue Pool Service for your pool heater installation in Bartonville today.

Pool Heater Service in Bartonville, TX

We offer full pool heater service to the Bartonville area. Our trained technicians can service your pool heater. We service all major brands of pool heaters. Periodic pool heater service and inspections are important and will increase the life of your heater.

Pool Heater Maintenance in Bartonville, TX

In order to keep your pool heater running at optimal level, be sure to have a Texan Blue Pool Service technician inspect and maintain your pool heater on a regular basis. If you have a gas pool heater, be sure to prevent burner opening blockages by having your heater cleaned. Also, have your gas levels and supply checked regularly.  Our Bartonville pool heater maintenance technician can spot a simple leak or fix repairs on the spot, if necessary.

Pool Heater Brands Bartonville, TX

Below are several of the pool heaters that we offer:


–       Hayward Pool Heater


Haywood aims to create heaters that increase your pool’s value, lengthen your swimming season and provide superior comfort and control. A highly efficient, top-notch Hayward pool heater might just be the thing to turn your pool from standard to ultimate luxury.


–       Pentair Pool Heater


Pentair is driven by a passion to “win right.” Not only does Pentair want to offer the best pool heater products to suit your needs and lifestyle, but also wants to achieve that success according to the highest ethical standards. Each and every employee follows the tenets of performance excellence, respectful teamwork and integrity to ensure that your pool heater isn’t just the best, but that it was made with the highest ethical standards.


–       Raypak Pool Heater


Raypak is an American success story. Started in 1947 in Al Whittel’s garage, Raypak now supplies the best in pool heaters and other equipment across the globe. Raypak does not just want to sell you a pool heater, but has continued to adhere to its mission of providing high quality, reliable, and energy efficient equipment to optimize your pool experience.


–       Jandy Pool Heaters


A Jandy/Laars pool heater combines the designs, equipment, check systems, and quality of two veteran pool heater companies.


With 60 years as a leading pool heater provider, Jandy has perfected each product using a 24-point check system to ensure customers that they can depend on a Jandy product. This, combined with Laars’ break through designs, extensive lab testing and Made in America products, make certain that each customer receives only the best in quality pool heating products.

Additional Heater information for our Bartonville, TX

Here are some tips to help you reduce your heating cost. Be sure to keep a thermometer in the water to know what temperature is right for you and keep your temperature at the lowest setting that is comfortable for you. If you are not using your Bartonville pool for three days or a little longer, also be sure to lower your pool’s temperature to around 70°. If you are not using your pool for longer, maybe due to a vacation, then shut your heater off completely and use a pool cover.

Finally, be sure to have your pool heater tuned up annually by an Bartonville technician to keep your swimming experience at optimal comfort.

For more information on heaters, you can call Texan Blue Pool Service, we’re happy to answer any customer questions you might have or check one of the web links below.

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