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A pool pump is the heart of your pool’s plumbing system. It keeps water circulating throughout your pool, keeps chemicals mixed and removes debris so you can continue to enjoy using your Round Rock pool longer. Although they are very important, pool pumps are also simple in design. A motor spins an impeller inside the pump, which creates suction, drawing water from a pool into a filter. From there, water is sent back into your pool and a basket inside the pump collects debris, so the impeller doesn’t clog.

Round Rock Hayward Pool Pump Motor Repair


Round Rock Pentair Pool Pump Motor Repair


Round Rock Jandy Pool Pump Motor Repair


Round Rock Sta-Rite Pool Pump Motor Repair


Texan Blue Pool Service is proud to announce we have partnered up with your local Round Rock Energy Company! Round Rock Energy is offering a fantastic rebate offer on an approved variable-speed pump. Round Rock Energy wants to help reduce the cost of keeping your in-ground pool clean, so if you are planning to replace your old pump or build a new pool, choose an Round Rock Energy qualified variable-speed pump and motor and earn a $300.00 rebate! Variable-speed pumps are preferred over single-speed pumps in several ways, they:
Save up to 60% on pool pump energy costs, paying for themselves in two to three years.
Are more efficient, quiet, and gentle on the environment.
Help reduce maintenance.
Run at the most efficient speed for each operation.
To be qualified, this must be a replacement for an existing pump and motor, or installed with new in-ground pool. Must be installed at an Round Rock Energy customer address and installed by an Round Rock Energy enrolled pool professional. Existing pools with solar heating are not eligible.

If you are in the Round Rock, TX area, don’t hesitate to contact Texan Blue Pool Service for all of your installation, repair, service and maintenance needs for top-notch Hayward, Pentair, Jandy and Sta-Rite equipment.

Pool Pump Repair Round Rock, TX

At Texan Blue Pool Service, we are confident we can repair, replace, or upgrade any Hayward, Pentair, Jandy or Sta-Rite pool pump. Usually, just one part of the pump stops working. If this is the case, one of our trained Round Rock technicians can properly diagnose the problem and provide a reasonable estimate to fix it. Some common problems include: pool pump motor not working, irregular water flow and leaks.

If you are experiencing any pool pump problems anywhere in the Round Rock, TX area, please turn off your pump immediately and don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Pool Pump Installation  Round Rock, TX

Our technicians at Texan Blue Pool Service can help you in the installation of your brand new Hayward, Pentair, Jandy or Sta-Rite pool pump. You should know that the larger the pump, the more expensive, so be sure to consult your pool designer’s design chart or ask a technician about the smallest pump possible for your Round Rock pool. A pump generating 0.75 is usually sufficient for most residential pools. If you do have a smaller pool pump installed, be sure to get a larger filter and increasing or decreasing the length of the pipes as needed to help decrease circulation a little and help you save money.

Pool Pump Service in Round Rock, TX

A little pool pump noise is normal, but if at any time the pool pump is louder than normal or emits a high-pitched whine, parts of your pool pump may be broken, worn or cracked. If this is the case, chances are you won’t need to replace the whole pump, but one part of it. So if the noise is abnormal it is possible that the seals on the pool pump are damaged, turn off your pool pump immediately and call one of our technicians at Texan Blue Pool Service. If your pool pump is beyond repair, we can replace it with a new one in no time!

So, please if you are in the Round Rock, TX area, don’t hesitate to call Texan Blue Pool Service today!

Pool Pump Maintenance in Round Rock, TX

Pool pump maintenance is a must for keeping your Round Rock pool running smoothly. Be sure to regularly clean your pool pump and the area around it. This is to prevent algae from growing in and around the pump, which can clog your system and create other debris. Be sure to also dust off the pump itself so that dust doesn’t get into the system. Some sites may advise you to lubricate your motor. Do not do it. On modern equipment, this will only damage the rubber seals.

Pool Pump Brands Round Rock, TX

In order to help you pick a pool pump that’s right for you, here is some information on the major brands we service:

  • Hayward Pool Pump


Efficient and in demand, Hayward strives to make quiet pools pumps that you can depend on, year round.



  • Pentair Pool Pump


For the past 50 years, Pentair has viewed pool pumps as not just another part of your pool, but the essential heart of your pool’s circulation system. These pumps are high quality and also easy to maintain.



  • Jandy Pool Pump


Jandy doesn’t just want to create pool pumps, but rather perfect pool pumps. Each Jandy product goes through a 24-point check system to make sure that every part of every piece of equipment is sturdy, dependable and efficient.


  • Sta-Rite Pool Pump


High quality performance and convenience in one package, Sta-Rite pool pumps reduce energy costs  and noise pollution.



Additional Pump information

When looking for an Round Rock pool pump, be sure to check the maximum and minimum water flow rate as well as the size, to pick the right pump for your pool. One term that might be used in reference to your pool pump is “feet of head.” This refers to the total resistance of the flow of water. The  greater the resistance, which is measured in feet of head, the lower the flow rate. The greater the resistance, the harder it is for the pump to push through.

If you need assistance or clarification regarding your pool pump’s water flow or any other pool pump-related questions, any of our technicians at Texan Blue Pool Service will be happy to answer your questions, wherever you are in the Round Rock, TX area.

For more information on Round Rock pool pumps, you can call Texan Blue Pool Service, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have or check one of the web links below.

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